RT Belgium’s Sandwich Project

The Sandwich Project is a wonderful Round Table Belgium initiative.

“Sounds cool!”

It is cool!
The Sandwich Project is a national community service project by Round Table Belgium. It was created in 1977 under the supervision of national president David Van Riel of RT 67 Antwerp and designed to provide financial support to those in need. It is a joint initiative in which all Belgian Tables and Tablers participate.

“How does it work?”

Every year, every Table holds a Sandwich Meeting. This is a statutory meeting where the usual meal is traded in for a lighter alternative: sandwiches. The money that would normally be used to provide a regular meal then goes to the Sandwich fund. Every Tabler pays his contribution, whether he’s present at the meeting or not.

“So everyone chips in?”

Everyone chips in, because part of every Belgian Tablers membership fee contains a contribution to this project. The amount collected per member and per meal was last year raised to €22.00, which results in a total of more than €30.000. With an indexation of this fee throughout the coming years, we will be able to increase the yearly contribution to a total of more than €50.000 in just six years.

“That’s a whole lotta money!”

Yes it is. But it gets well spent.
The Sandwich Fund is used to support a philanthropic or social project that could use some extra help. The main requirements are that the projects are suited for a nationwide initiative, and that the focus lies on a social project or a form of community service that guarantees continuity. Taking into account these requirements which are stipulated in the RTB directory, every Table or group of Tables is allowed to submit a proposal for the Sandwich Project. Since 1987, these proposals are presented at the annual half year meeting.

“But how do you choose the right project?”

Power to the people, democracy baby! At the yearly AGM, a vote is held to decide which proposal will serve as the next Sandwich Project. Each Table receives a ballot in which all retained projects are listed, as well as one option for a negative vote, referred to as ‘no project’. On their own statutory meeting, each Table decides which proposal they will support.

The members of the national board have no voting rights. The project that obtains the most votes is entitled to 90% of the total amount raised by the Sandwich Project. The proposal with the second highest number of votes, is entitled to 10% of the total amount. In case of a tie, the president of the association RTB will decide in favour of either projects.

“That’s beautiful”

Yes it is. The Sandwich Project is community service at its core, and supports social projects that could use some extra help. But it also allows Tablers to visit other Tables and make new friends, to get involved with a nationwide project, to work together with likeminded people and to learn from each other. The sandwich project does not just stand for community service, it also strengthens the ties between Belgian Tablers. And that is what Round Table it’s all about.

You wanne get involved too? If there’s one thing you can do in Round Table, it’s to get involved.
So feel free to get inspired.
If you’re excited with new ideas right now, don’t hesitate to let yourself go.
Let’s Rock!

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