Round Table International
President 2020-2021

DK Singh - RTI President 2020-2021
D K Singh
RTI President 2020-2021 (RT India)

President Message

We are witnessing a fundamental change in the daily dynamics of our lives. The COVID-19 crisis hit the ‘reset’ button for all of us throughout the world. Businessmen, professionals, activists, and even policy makers are looking at these challenging times from a new perspective. But it’s also important to note that in these testing times, we have discovered a golden opportunity: an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the mankind through our movement. Tabling, by definition, has been created to help and assist all in such unprecedented times. I urge all of you to ignite the spirit of leadership across your fraternity and impart unconditional support to those in need at every level.

As the ‘new normal’ penetrates our lives, we have to focus relentlessly on building everlasting bonds in our community. The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to rethink on how we build and maintain relationships. We would like to inspire you to build tabling in new ways. Start to focus on developing associations with fewer but better functioning clubs which have the energy and vibe that match your frequency. The idea is that we should focus on quality rather than quantity. In this journey, my entire team and I are at your beck and call. We are with you at every step. We are always ready to help you! Reach out to us anytime and we will gladly assist you!